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 With or without dunking experience. Even if you currently can't dunk or touch the rim! We've worked with hundreds of athletes to make this dream a reality and look forward to helping you become our next success story!


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Dream of High-Flying Dunks But Struggle with Consistency?

With Vertical Assault, unlock a complete program delivering weekly workouts and comprehensive insights on everything dunking. Bid farewell to unpredictability and embrace the Vertical Assault promise – guiding your journey to mastering the art of vertical jump and dunking! 

Feel Like Dunking is Reserved for the Genetically Blessed?

Think again! With "The Dunk Course", we debunk the myths surrounding dunking. Don't believe the lie that genetics and height are prerequisites to soaring through the air. Our program empowers everyone to dunk, breaking down the process into simple steps. Gain the confidence to defy gravity and achieve your dreams!

Think Improving Your Vertical is Too Tough of a Challenge? 

It's time to break free from that belief with Vertical Assault! Based on the successes of me and my students, our program ensures that increasing your vertical is not only simple but also quick and enjoyable. Forget the notion of a difficult journey and instead experience the thrill of soaring to new heights!

We Know Exactly What That Feels Like...And that's why we created Vertical Assault!

I personally was once where you are now, and so were HUNDREDS of Vertical Assault Members! Our company exists to take you from where you are now, to knowing exactly how to jump correctly, increase your vertical the RIGHT way, and learn new dunks you never  dreamed you would ever do. We’ve had TONS of success stories in our group; for some people that’s getting their first EVER dunk, and for others that’s doing crazy trick dunks you see in dunk contests - whatever your goal is, we want to help you achieve it and are committed to your dunk success!

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"Vertical Assault is more than just a membership; it's your complete guide to mastering the dunking game. Crafted by a obsessed dunker (me), this course encapsulates my journey, providing insights into jump techniques, training secrets, the right mindset, and crucial stretches. Immerse yourself in a dynamic community of dunk enthusiasts who share your passion. Be it as a solo dunker or aspiring to build a dunking legacy, Vertical Assault gives you the answers and blueprint you need, all at a fraction of the cost and pain of navigating the dunking journey alone."

Comprehensive Jump Technique Training Guide

Jump Fundamentals Plyometric Workouts

Jump Pro Strength Training Workouts

Full Access to The Dunk Course 

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If you have fun doing something, you'll do it A LOT, and if you do it A LOT, you'll get REALLY GOOD! So, we made the MOST FUN Weekly Workout EVER created! 

SuperCharge Your Social Media

Not only will you get all of the training material described on this page, but you'll learn how to use your new athleticism to grow your social media and potentially monetize your abilities down the dunking road!

Individualized Jump Technique Critique

There are four different jump techniques (jump plants), and were gonna help you MASTER yours! You'll get an individualized Jump Technique Critique to help you jump higher naturally!

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